Partnering with VA hospitals in New York to ensure veterans have access to free legal care.

Veterans often face a host of legal issues stemming from their time served and their adjustment back to civilian life, such as housing, income instability, benefits, and discharge upgrades. LegalHealth attorneys help veterans navigate the complex benefits systems. 

Whether a veteran served in World War II, the Gulf War, or Post-9/11, LegalHealth attorneys provide culturally competent, trauma-informed legal services at VA Hospitals. LegalHealth also opened the nation’s first-ever legal clinic exclusively serving women veterans, many of whom have experienced military sexual trauma.

LegalHealth engages in national and state policy advocacy with other groups committed to ensuring veterans’ access to benefits. Following the standdown tradition in the military, LegalHealth developed Legal Standdowns, community and education forums at VA hospitals.


veterans served in 2019

LegalHealth supports veterans through direct legal services, including:

    •  Secure government benefits (SSD, SSI, VA Benefits)
    •  Advise on or assist with discharge upgrades
    •  Plan ahead (healthcare proxies, Wills and powers of attorney)          
    •  Fix housing problems (evictions from private or public housing)
    •  Negotiate reasonable accommodations in housing
    •  Address credit issues (federal student loan discharges)

I’m a survivor of military sexual trauma. I tried all the Veteran resource centers. I tell everyone, ‘Go to NYLAG's LegalHealth Division, they’ll save your life.'

– LESTIEL, veteran & former client


  • Bronx VA
  • Manhattan VA
  • Northport VA
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