systemic change

Creating systemic change to better support people with health concerns.

Our lawyers and paralegals are on the ground to help patients with legal needs.  However, there are times when direct services are not enough. When we notice a pattern of injustice within the system, we take action through policy change, legislative reform, and impact litigation. 

LegalHealth has helped pass laws that enhance the lives and well-being of our clients and their loved ones. Below are some of our latest policy initiatives:

Expanding Standby Guardianship Law

LegalHealth led the expansion of the Standby Guardianship Law in 2020 to include any parent, a legal guardian, a legal custodian, or primary caretaker who works or volunteers in a health care facility or who reasonably believes that they may otherwise be exposed to COVID-19, to designate a standby guardian. In 2018, we expanded this law to include immigrant parents.

Founding Member of Coalition for Housing and Health

LegalHealth, a founding member of the Coalition for Housing and Health (a working group of medical and legal professionals), are exploring ways to address the pressing needs of medically homeless patients in New York City.

Helping those who are no longer able to help themselves

LegalHealth created a needs assessment focused on a growing population of mainly elderly individuals with diminished or no capacity whose families face legal and financial barriers to aiding them. As a result, we authored a report that focuses on the extent of the problem in New York City medical facilities, and the best ways to address these needs.

Developing New Approaches for the “Unbefriended”

LegalHealth helped bring together, for the first time, community organizations and hospitals who work with the unbefriended population to develop approaches to reducing the risk that they will have no control over their healthcare.
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