medicaid redesign

As the Medicaid program is being redesigned in NYS, LegalHealth is helping partners address social determinants of health through legal advocacy.

To address healthcare costs and quality issues with New York’s Medicaid services, the State has implemented a comprehensive Medicaid Redesign strategy.  By implementing various initiatives, such as the “DSRIP” (Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment) Program and a move toward a Value-Based Payment system, the State aims to improve the delivery of Medicaid and address social determinants of health, in partnership with health care providers and community advocates.

Through initiatives like DSRIP, we help healthcare providers and Performing Provider Systems (PPSs) tackle their patients’ social and legal concerns, which can lead to better patient health.  For example, benefits like public assistance and insurance coverage help low-income individuals pay for medication and other out-of-pocket expenses, and afford healthy food options. By improving patient health, LegalHealth in turn helps hospitals and PPSs decrease unnecessary Emergency Department visits and reduce medical costs, which are goals of the State’s Medicaid Redesign strategy.

Our work will also play an important role as the State moves toward Medicaid payment reform through a Value Based Payment (VBP) system, wherein health care providers are rewarded for delivering high-quality and effective care.

Through our work within Medicaid Redesign so far, we have:

  • Opened community-based legal clinics in Brooklyn, Harlem and Manhattan.
  • Trained over 700 healthcare providers and patient advocates, across multiple hospital systems and throughout the community, about the social determinants of health that can be addressed by legal solutions.  To learn more about our training, visit our Training Center for Excellence page.
  • Advised health care partners on the best ways to address social determinants of health and integrate legal services into their redesign efforts.


  • OneCity Health PPS
  • Community Care of Brooklyn PPS
  • Mount Sinai PPS
  • Bronx Partners for Healthy Communities PPS
  • New York Presbyterian PPS
  • Nassau-Queens PPS

LegalHealth is a key partner in helping NYC Health + Hospitals address social factors that often underlie our patients’ health or illness. Our partnership allows us to both directly address challenges faced by individuals and families as well as conduct effective advocacy for more upstream policy solutions.

– Dr. Dave Chokshi, Chief Population Health Officer, NYC Health + Hospitals and Primary Care Physician, Bellevue Hospital

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