National Outreach

LegalHealth extends its mission nationally by providing technical assistance to bring medical and legal partners together.

National Cancer Legal Services Network

The National Cancer Legal Services Network (NCLSN) was established by LegalHealth through a 2008 LiveSTRONG Foundation grant.  The NCLSN seeks to increase the availability of legal services on behalf of low-income individuals affected by cancer. The NCLSN advocates for the provision of comprehensive cancer legal services to help individuals resolve nonmedical issues so that they may focus on their health and well-being. NCLSN members include private law firms, non-profit legal aid organizations, medical-legal partnerships, bar associations, cancer support organizations, individual attorneys, social workers and patient navigator programs. Read more about the legal issues that cancer patients face and the impact of the NCLSN’s work in our publication, The Cancer Cliff

New York State Coalition of Medical-Legal Partnerships (MLPs)

Established in 2008 with support from the New York State Health Foundation, the New York State Coalition of Medical Legal Partnerships brings existing and new MLPs together to exchange information and resources. In 2011, the Coalition celebrated the passage of Section 22 of the New York State Public Health Law which established health-related legal services programs. The Coalition actively supported this law through the legislative process and continues to provide input to the Department of Health on standards for this law. In January 2013, the New York State Department of Health issued standards on designation of health-related legal services.

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National Technical Assistance Project

LegalHealth is funded by The Charles Evans Hughes Memorial Foundation to provide technical support to those interested in creating or expanding medical-legal partnerships across the country.  LegalHealth provides advice and assistance to interested groups, including training sessions at national conferences, telephone consultations and providing information on best practice results and materials. Organizations interested in this program are welcomed to visit and observe our clinics and training sessions.

Technical Assistance

If you feel your partnership can benefit from our technical assistance, please fill out this questionnaire.  If you have any questions or have trouble accessing the questionnaire, please email us.