Cancer Advocacy

LegalHealth helps patients cope with the myriad of life changes brought on by a cancer diagnosis and its treatment by providing free legal services to cancer patients.

In 2014, LegalHealth served over 750 clients with cancer on over 1,250 cases.  We provide representation and services to help:

  • Secure government benefits
  • Solve insurance disputes
  • Plan ahead (e.g., will, healthcare proxy, power of attorney and guardianship)
  • Negotiate workplace accommodations
  • Handle immigration matters
  • Address credit issues
  • Fix housing problems
Impact of Legal Interventions in Cancer

In a 2008 study 61% of LegalHealth cancer clients surveyed had two or more legal issues.  For 78%, the cancer diagnosis caused their legal issue:  debtor/creditor problems (often caused by medical debt), disability benefits, job discrimination, health insurance problems and advance planning.

National Cancer Legal Services Network (NCLSN)

In 2008, LegalHealth established the National Cancer Legal Services Network to support the provision of legal services for people with cancer throughout the country. In 2012, the NCLSN launched  to provide the country’s first comprehensive database of legal service providers that can assist with issues related to cancer. The site also includes training and resources for organizations that want to start new cancer legal advocacy programs. LegalHealth hosts a biannual meeting for NCLSN members in New York.


LegalHealth collaborates with hospitals and community organizations to advocate on behalf of cancer patients, to resolve legal issues that may impact medical outcomes. LegalHealth has clinics located in the cancer centers at the following hospitals:

    • Bellevue Hospital
    • Beth Israel Medical Center
    • Maimonides Medical Center
    • NYU Cancer Institute
    • Ralph Lauren Center for Cancer Care & Prevention

LegalHealth accepts referrals from the following community organizations: