Making a Difference

Intervention by LegalHealth sets off a chain reaction towards better health for our clients.

Clients who have more money in their households as a result of legal intervention can:
  • Buy more and better quality food and maintain better nutrition
  • Afford transportation to and from medical appointments
  • Suffer from less stress knowing their legal challenges are resolved

…resulting in better patient health.

Clients who’ve maintained or increased insurance coverage with help from LegalHealth:
  • Can afford their medical care and prescriptions
  • May get reimbursed for transportation to medical appointments
  • May become eligible for home care services

…resulting in better health, fewer hospital admissions and readmissions and improved medical compliance.

Clients who work with LegalHealth for more stable and healthy housing:
  • Benefit from the removal of asthma triggers in the home, such as mold
  • Live in less dangerous and more accessible housing
  • Remain in their homes without fear of eviction

…resulting in their continued ability to live in the community, improved asthma control and reduced ER visits and hospitalization rates.

Clients who executed advance planning documents with LegalHealth’s assistance are:
  • Able to plan for their future care, including costly end-of-life procedures
  • Better protected against elder abuse

…resulting in patient independence and autonomy.