quotation markLegalHealth is not only a model for service delivery targeting the adverse consequences of social determinants of health, but it is a model for fledgling programs like ours, hoping to do the same. Their willingness to share their expertise and experiences in the field is a tremendous help to new programs.quotation mark

— Jennifer N. Rosen Valverde, Esq., MSW, Clinical Professor of Law, Special Education Clinic, Rutgers U. School of Law - Newark

quotation markSocial workers witness the impact of the economic crisis on patient health because the public hospitals and healthcare centers in New York City function both as a sanctuary for people in high-need communities and as a gateway to other safety net organizations in the community even when their problems are not exclusively medical. LegalHealth's model to implement legal interventions for low-income patients in the hospital setting enables hospital resources to be efficiently deployed to meet patient's health and psychosocial needs while the onsite LegalHealth lawyer can address those problems that have legal remedy. quotation mark

— Sandra Chaiken, Director of Social Work for North Bronx Health Care Network

quotation markLegalHealth's model is ideal... When LegalHealth is able to reverse denial of treatment decisions they make it possible for patients to benefit from the advancements in cancer care that are available today. Legal intervention in workplace issues can mean that patients often continue working, providing not only income and medical insurance but the stability and normalcy needed with cancer. An attorney's help can also bring cancer care full circle, since lawyers are not only involved supplementarily during the care process, but can make the care process itself possible by enabling access to that care.quotation mark

— Carolyn Messner, DSW, MSW, CancerCare, and President, Association of Oncology Social Work

quotation markPatients come to the Emergency Department at Bellevue Hospital with much more than a medical diagnosis waiting to be made. Too many are left to turn to the ER due to the chaos of their lives. LegalHealth does for these patients all those things for which no number of prescriptions I write will ever cure. A chest x-ray or blood test will tell me somethingof disease at a moment in time, while the attorneys at LegalHealth treat the determinants of my patients’ health. It is for this that I am so grateful for their joining in the care we provide. quotation mark

— Paul Testa, MD, Department of Emergency Medicine, Bellevue Hospital

quotation markHaving a lawyer to call upon to assist our elderly patients has been invaluable. Oftentimes my patients are so frail and vulnerable and cannot begin to deal with the legal problems that are further complicating their lives. Knowing that LegalHealth is part of our treatment team and literally down the hall has enriched our geriatric practice.quotation mark

— Brenda Matti-Orozco, MD, Chief, Div. of Geriatric Medicine, St. Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital

quotation markFor so many of my clinic patients it is the social conditions in which they live that are the major barrier to improved health. With LegalHealth at the hospital, I can send them to the legal clinic to address their non-medical needs. Now I have more options to present to them and am more effective in my job. Rather than close my eyes to their problems, I can say, ‘Let’s see what we can do. quotation mark

— Andrew D. Racine, M.D., Ph.D., Senior Vice President, Chief Medical Officer, Montefiore Medical Center

quotation markI prescribe the drugs, but the patient can’t take them if the pharmacy won’t give them. The pharmacy won’t give them if the patient doesn’t have insurance. The patient can’t get insurance if she has legal problems in getting Medicaid. So while I could theoretically prevent her from getting sick, without LegalHealth it would all be in theory." quotation mark

— Dr. Howard Minkoff, Chairman, Dept. of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Maimonides Medical Center