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SSI/SSD Application Assistance Project Referral Form

Accessing Disability Benefits

Public Benefits & Immigration 

Pooled Trust

New York State Short Term Disability Benefits

Criminal Record

Obtaining a Criminal Record


Federal Student Loan Discharges

Debt and Protected Income

Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence Screening and Safety Planning

Domestic Violence and the Law


Know York Rights: Hourly Wage Earners in New York

Elder’s Rights

Elder Abuse Screening and Safety Planning

Advance Directives 

Adult Guardianship 

For Providers

Preparing Your Patient for a Legal Referral

Important Paperwork for Legal Clinic Appointments


Exceptions to Language Requirements for Naturalization 

Immigration Relief for Domestic Violence Victims

 Immigration & Public Benefits Tip Sheet

Know Your Rights, English

Know Your Rights, Spanish

Immigration & Public Benefits: Current Rules & Future Possibilities


Standby Guardian for Immigrant Parents (English)

Standby Guardian for Immigrant Parents (Spanish)

Public Charge (English)

Public Charge (Spanish)

Understanding Upcoming Changes to USCIS Fee Waiver

Applying for a Family Member to Visit the U.S. on a B-2 (Visitor) Visa

Expansion of Expedited Removal


The New York City Veteran’s Legal Guide

Military Sexual Trauma and VA Benefits 


Understanding NYCHA Applications

Tenants with Mold in NYCHA Housing 

Other Housing

NYC Rent Freeze Program (SCRIE/DRIE)

Calling 311 about a Housing Quality Issue

Navigating the Shelter System: the Disable & Medically Needy

Hospital to Shelter Discharges

Heat & Hot Water

Your Patient May Have the Right to a Free Attorney in Housing Court

Understanding Housing Insecurity and Eviction Basics