Violet came to the US from Jamaica with a green card when she was in her 70’s. At 79, she was referred to LegalHealth by her geriatric physician at King’s County Hospital. The cousin she lived with had asked her to move out. Violet didn’t know what her options were, or for what benefits she might be eligible. Because LegalHealth screens for all issues, her attorney soon established that Violet was just a few months away from citizenship eligibility. LegalHealth arranged for a waiver of the $690 filing fee, which was prohibitive for Violet. Like many elderly immigrants, Violet has a limited education and was intimidated by the history and civics test immigrants must pass to become citizens.  Her attorney prepared a practice CD with the 100 questions and answers so Violet could listen to and memorize the questions. She passed her citizenship test and was sworn in as a citizen that day. As a citizen, Violet became eligible to receive SSI benefits. Now 81, Violet lives in a more stable environment with family friends, and has the peace of mind that comes with a steady income.