Tanya’s one bedroom apartment was infested with mice and cockroaches.  The infestation triggered severe asthma attacks in her young son.  She had been on a waiting list for Section 8 voucher for five years when she was approved for a 1 bedroom apartment.  By that time pregnant with her daughter, Tanya contacted the Housing Authority to see if the family could move into a larger apartment.  The Housing Authority cancelled her Section 8 voucher and opened a new case, kicking off a lengthy waiting period that would jeopardize her son’s health.  The Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinic at St. Luke’s Hospital referred her to LegalHealth’s Clinic.  LegalHealth and Tanya filed an appeal, and her Section 8 voucher was restored.   Today, Tanya and her family live in a clean, modern 2 bedroom apartment in a safe neighborhood with good schools.