Gene had been traveling to the United States on business from Haiti when the devastating 2010 earthquake prevented him from returning home. He found himself at Kings County Hospital for treatment for his kidney disease and his specialist at the Kings County Hospital dialysis unit referred him to LegalHealth to see if there was any assistance that could be provided to him.   His LegalHealth attorney helped Gene apply for Temporary Protective Status (TPS), a special U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services program that allows Haitians stranded in the US during the earthquake to stay and obtain work authorization.  Under the program, Gene also became eligible for Medicaid, which allowed LegalHealth to advocate for him to be added to the kidney transplant list at Downstate Medical Center. When TPS was extended for two additional years, his attorney helped him reapply.  Gene is now working and being considered for a transplant.  Recently, LegalHealth advised Gene on obtaining visitor’s visas for his wife and surviving child.  Visitors visas were recently issued and he will now see his family for the first time in four years.