Summer Intern Program

Each summer, LegalHealth’s Summer Internship Program provides law students with the opportunity to get hands-on experience helping low-income individuals with serious health issues who are referred to our legal clinics. Legal interns will assist clients with securing government benefits, addressing housing issues, handling immigration matters, solving insurance disputes, resolving family law matters and negotiating workplace accommodations. In addition, legal interns will observe legal clinics, attend court appearances, interview clients, participate in weekly staff meetings, maintain client files, and perform legal writing and research.

Other Volunteer Experience

LegalHealth offers meaningful volunteer experience throughout the year to admitted attorneys, law students, college graduates, and those interested in medical-legal partnerships. Aside from those pursuing a legal profession, LegalHealth’s volunteers have included those working towards careers in the medical field and social support services as well as returned professionals from a variety of fields.

To find out more information about our Summer Intern Program and other volunteer opportunities, email [email protected].