Provider Services

LegalHealth attorneys deliver onsite training to help health care providers understand their role in addressing patients’ nonmedical needs. We also provide backup consultation for physicians advocating on behalf of their patients.

Trainings include:

  • Bringing Advocacy to Your Practice
  • Forms 101: Completing the Forms Your Patients Bring You
  • Improving Your Patients’ Housing
  • Decision Making in Health and Legal Matters: A Guide for Physicians
  • Immigrants and the Health Care System
  • Minors’ Right to Consent to Care
  • Advocating for the Child With Special Education Needs
  • Your Patient in the Workplace
  • Geriatricians Guide to Confronting Elder Abuse
  • Geriatricians Guide to Medicare and Medicaid
  • Your Pregnant Patient

quotation markPatients come to the Emergency Department at Bellevue Hospital with much more than a medical diagnosis waiting to be made. Too many are left to turn to the ER due to the chaos of their lives. LegalHealth does for these patients all those things for which no number of prescriptions I write will ever cure. A chest x-ray or blood test will tell me somethingof disease at a moment in time, while the attorneys at LegalHealth treat the determinants of my patients’ health. It is for this that I am so grateful for their joining in the care we provide. quotation mark

— Paul Testa, MD, Department of Emergency Medicine, Bellevue Hospital